Kind words from those who've shaped me

Talented people I've been lucky to work with

"Tallulah is an exceptional marketer, teammate and person. She is equally as comfortable leading and executing both product and content marketing initiatives, and is intelligent, strategic, and most importantly for a marketer - curious and brave.

I had a first row seat to see Tallulah succeed in a fast-paced environment where she formulated and launched dozens of high-performing ROI positive marketing initiatives including website redesign projects, messaging/positioning maturation, webinar programs, sales enablement strategies, product launches, PR/events, original studies, and more.

One of Tallulah's 'super powers' is her collaborative nature. Marketing leaders succeed when client success, sales, demand generation, and product/technology teams succeed. That requires communication and collaboration, two areas where Tallulah excels. For example, at CareerArc, Tallulah formed and led customer feedback sessions, including customer exit interviews, understanding our customers' intent, motivations, challenges and needs, which helped to inform our GTM approach and positioning.

Tallulah is a continuous learner, executes from start to finish, and is a superb teammate. I would love to work with her again in the future and am confident that she will be an asset to all organizations she works with throughout her career."

Yair Riemer
head of investor relations, upfront ventures

"Tallulah is a talented, results-driven marketing leader who made a significant impact on the team and company. She is unfailingly reliable as a colleague, leader, and team member, consistently and repeatedly delivering impeccable work of the highest quality and results, both strategically and in tactical execution.

Tallulah has excellent marketing instincts and insights and pushes the team to aspire to continuous improvement while building a truly supportive, collaborative work environment and sense of camaraderie. In the face of challenges and turbulence (especially during the pandemic), Tallulah rose to the occasion at every turn. She navigated changes to our strategy, projects, and timelines beautifully, and she was an encouraging and reassuring presence in guiding her team through difficult times."

Linda Souza
Tech Startup Marketr | gtm advisor

“Tallulah is one of the most intelligent and observant people I've ever worked with. She has a variety of skills that help her excel in marketing, including curiosity, a focus on deep-dive research, incredible creativity, and superb organization and communication abilities. She constantly finds ways to participate and add value in all areas across the organization and not just her own. And her empathy for her teammates and her audience is always at the forefront of everything she does.”

Raman Gulati
product manager & investor

“Tallulah is more than just a content and product marketing genius. She's more than just an amazing manager who leads by example. She's more than just someone who makes collaboration and teamwork easier and more enjoyable for everyone. She's more than just driven, wickedly talented, and insanely talented. She's more than just a brilliant writer, editor, and content creator. Tallulah brings a level of caring and passion to everything she does that I've literally never experienced before. There are many content leaders out there. Many product marketing leaders out there. But I assure you, none of them are like Tallulah.”

Eli Landes
rabbi | writer | storyteller

“Tallulah knew absolutely nothing about the glass business a year ago. Now she is very knowledgeable. She is known by all of the editors of the publications in the Glazing Industry and has gotten us noticed numerous times in articles. Her specialty is utilizing Social Media to drive the process.”

Edwin Rosengrant
glass consultant

"Tallulah is the strategic, collaborative, and energetic colleague you would like to have in your team. She is persistent, diligent, and open-minded. She always offered insightful suggestions and was not only open to but eager for new knowledge."

Ed Erdem Demirtas
Growth marketing & demand generation professional

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