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AI & low-code projects

Live websites and ongoing experiments in AI and low-code applications
AI & low-code projects

AI & low-code projects

From backend automations to frontend web development, production and publishing have never been closer to mimicking magic.

Key result


Over a thousand hours saved from more than a dozen custom-built low-code applications

AI and low-code have revolutionized the means of production

Using tools like ChatGPT, Airtable, and Softr, I've built custom apps and databases that can streamline content publishing, as well as serve as internal data warehouses and wikis to support sales, product, CS, and marketing teams.

AI at work is live site that offers fellow AI enthusiasts and researchers a digestible and configurable view of AI news. It's built on an Airtable database that houses a more comprehensive collection that I use for ongoing research and analysis on AI developments and issues. Using AI and no-code applications, content publishing streamlined and seamlessly integrated in the research process, and the site was launched and being maintained using zero code.

Other apps I've built:

  • Cross-functional editorial calendars that unify content, social media, and email marketing teams and workflows
  • Competitive Intelligence database tracking 125+ vendors in the HR and recruiting tech space
  • Case study and testimonial repositories supporting sales and CS teams
  • Ticketing system for graphic design requests and project briefs
  • Product launch prioritization calendar

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