Growth marketing

High-converting lead magnets

Content served to the right audience at the right time to drive discovery, demand, and referral
High-converting lead magnets

High-converting lead magnets

An effective growth strategy requires market expertise and creative experimentation. To turn leads into opportunities, we need an always-on nurture approach that appeals to target personas at their stage of the buyer journey. In short, you need breadth, and depth, and a lot of ingenuity.

Key result


Achieved 26% on-page conversion rate, 10x the industry standard

68% of the buyer experience happens before contacting sales

That means two-thirds of your sales process is determined by the quality of the content your buyers find on their own. Additionally, the number #1 selling point for B2B buyers is insightful content - 51% relying on content for pre-purchase research.

Here is a sample of the breadth of content marketing collateral a brand must create to compete.

  • Data-rich industry surveys
  • Engaging e-books and lookbooks
  • Quick checklists
  • Whitepapers
  • and more

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