Product marketing

Go-to-market strategy

Key product collateral to support core messaging, product launches, and more
Go-to-market strategy

Go-to-market strategy

Today, go-to-market requires a swarm of activity prior to and after the initial launch. From crafting core product positioning to creating competitive comparison pages that nudge in-market buyers to take action, I've helped lead product launches, rebrands, and everything between to maximize reach, buzz, and business.

Key result


Inbound leads accounted for nearly 68% of all sales accepted leads (SALs).

93% of B2B buying journeys begin with an online search

The average buying committee now involves 7 people, each independently gathering 4-5 pieces of research to decide among 4 or more competing software vendors.

To reach your buyer, your brand must be discoverable and memorable within minutes. Here is a sample of work showcasing the variety of collateral and channels brands must create and maintain to compete.

  • Core product and brand messaging and positioning
  • Comparison pages and objection handling assets
  • Pillar pages optimized for search (SEO)
  • Buyer persona-specific FAQs
  • Product teaser videos
  • and more

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